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What happens when we explore International Living

I moved my family here almost four years ago after our purchase of Guanajuato real estate in Mineral de Pozos.  Uprooted four kids, three dogs, a boyfriend, a husband and me.  Two cars filled to the rim hoping to make it to our High Desert destination,  in time for the 52′ moving van full of everything we owned. As one can imagine, the drive was full of excitement and novelty until we crossed the border and then it started to set in. The stretch after clearing customs on the border was the diciest. We took a few wrong turns and fell among thorns for about thirty minutes of serious rough riders. All the hype in the American news is focused on the border and the rest of Mexico tends to be smooth sailing with a few localized exceptions. My motto: ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’. It is a wise choice to remain casual and remove the glitz and high profile cars from the equation. These kinds of things draw attention anywhere in the world where emerging markets are just starting to experience cell phones and the status quo. Moving is definitely a paradigm shift and is a process that happens over time but make it easy on yourself and blend in until you get your footing in international living.

International Living is an adventure worth making

So, as we have blended in and not, we have had many curve balls and mindset challenges. As I look back, I see that they have all been worth it. We have all changed in our own way. The changes were not planned. International living, if you allow it, can really bring up the creative in anyone. My kids have become more Mexican than American. They have the freedom to explore and run around town, ride horses, and overall have a deep immersion into customs and Mexican traditions as if it were their own. They are happy and independent. I recognize it because I see the miracles in freedom having lived on Lookout Mountain in Tennessee/Georgia when I was their age. I played from sunup to sundown and it is the happiest of memories. Without getting off base, leaving the rat race has been a blessing that we were not prepared for but were only open to whatever. And, whatever has us full of life and the love of people.

Diversify your investments internationally

Mexico is a fabulous place with beautiful architecture, big skies, and lovely people. The quality of life here is dramatically less stressful. Veggies and fruits exist on every corner at a fraction of the price in many countries. Central Mexico is a large agricultural spot that supplies Whole Foods and other US companies with organic and otherwise produce. If or when the global issues come front and center, I feel my family and I will be insulated from extreme conditions. Food is readily available. Happiness is everywhere. The days are full of sunshine and energy needs can be much lower under duress. Mexico real estate in this part of Central Mexico is affordable and appealing. The cost of living is dramatically lower. Taxes can be paid in January every year without any stress because they are so low. Every insurance under the sun is cheaper and available by excellent companies. Diversifying into international living takes a bit of work but in the end, it can be wildly successful for day to day finances and quality of life.

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