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Commercial Property For Sale

Guanajuato Real Estate as an Investment in Central Mexico

To understand Guanajuato real estate is to look into the past and an area rich in agriculture and farm land for sale. Whether it be international hot spots like San Miguel or the college scene in Guanajuato City or the quiet outback of the Wild West in Mineral de Pozos, the gorgeous rolling hills of the wide-open desert or the distant mountains with big blue skies, life here is an adventure. The colorful colonial architectural vernacular sings ‘come have a look’. Houses are old, often renovated from historic Haciendas, columns, arches, hand-made tile, beautiful iron-work wrought by hand, hand laid stone and brickwork plentiful. Cobblestone streets that make you want to walk instead of ride. Guanajuato is a top pick by Intercam of Mexico for its’ stability. A growing international community finds it to be a wonderful place to retire and reduce the cost of living while increasing the quality of life. Taxes are lower, the government is encouraging foreign investment and allowing people to develop entrepreneurial ventures as well. Quality health care is plentiful and medical tourism is on the rise. Investing in this area of Central Mexico, is investing in a thriving environment whether it be commercial, land or residential real estate.


Commercial Property for Sale for Land Developers

Land is for sale all over Mexico and farm land for sale in particular. Less than 1% of the land mass of Mexico is in use so opportunities abound. In this high desert area in Guanajuato state, in particular Mineral de Pozos, a Magic Town and National Treasure, the land is ‘out of Africa’. The dry against the green and the plentiful gigantic maguey cactus. The large desert trees of huisache and mezquite break the blue skyline and moutains. Old mines sprinkle the terrain totaling over 350 mines and existing water wells can be a plus to many properties. In the global downturn, creative investing dictates finding commercial ventures that can turn a respectable ROI. This area has been quiet for many years but internationals are moving about and internationalizing their money and lifestyles. There a few grand properties currently  for commercial ventures. A consistent increase in requests for beautiful stone homes under $250K is pointing to a opportunity in a loosely gated feel for a community of romantic elegance slightly off the grid and affordable for many. Winding roads through the countryside and yet only minutes to town. Sloping sites and plateaus, arroyos running with water in the rainy season, distant mountain views, 100 year old trees with their craggy bark. Untouched, unspoiled. A developers dream. No tar roads, only packed tepatate. Grey water harvesting, rain water catchment, alternative energy sources for the bold buyers, south-face for warm homes in the winter. Simplified spaces with light, warmth and views. Integrating nature into the building process. Presenting a 25 hectare parcel with 10 to 20 homes with consistency and style in the desert Wild West of Mineral de Pozos, Guanajuato.


Commercial Property for a Bed and Breakfast in Guanajuato

The options for bed and breakfast in Guanajuato are really endless. The quaint vibe and colonial presence enhances the small, one-of-a-kind feeling many travelers are searching for. Getaway from it all and step back in time. Commercial property for sale can be anything from a beautiful home to a full on hotel domesticated by different rooms, naming the rooms, and/or creating themes that express our historic environment. Building from the ground up with caliche stone or renovating ruins. They all have the romance and magic to create a lifestyle business south of the border. Meet people from allover the world and enjoy the relaxed lifestyle of sun and friendly people.


Luxury Stone B & B with Five Suites

Historic & Lovely Boutique Hotel & Restaurant

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